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Sales in December - January predictions?

Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:45 pm

The X5 eDrive launched with a vengeance!

In December, here are the sales numbers:
France, 81 copies sold
USA, 607 sold (way up from the still decent 167 that sold in November 2015)
Netherlands, 585 sold!

Any guesses on January sales? The USA has been waiting for a plug-in hybrid SUV since back in 2014 when Mitsubishi was supposed to be brining over the Outlander PHEV, but delay after delay left us wanting, and the X5 eDrive is the first real option comparable to the Outlander....
I predict it will sell very well in 2016, perhaps more than 10,000 copies of it in the USA. I'll guess 800 sales in January...

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